Hi, I'm
Ms Britaly

I'm also known as Claire.

In 2018, I decided I wanted to change my life and relocate to Italy. I didn't know anyone there, I didn't speak the language and I had only visited the country twice before. Just eight months after I had made this decision, I packed up my suitcases and moved solo from London to the South of Italy, embarking on my very first Expat experience. On paper it sounds completely bonkers but in reality it was the making of me.

In 2021, I started a YouTube channel and the 'Ms Britaly' brand was born. Initially designed as a way for me to navigate the complexities of life here in South Italy, my content has gone on to help many of you who are planning to visit or move to Italy.

With my content, guides and personalised services, my aim is to continue to inspire lots more of you to discover the heart and soul of real Italy!

Ms Britaly x